Get your ship back on course and design your life… for real this time.
As you transition throughout your life, from one phase to the next, whether due to chaos or planned changes, you dream of having a lifestyle that gives you freedom and flexibility to do what you want, be who you want, and engage in activities that you are passionate about.

But many times, that’s just not how things turn out, and instead of smooth sailing into the horizon, you end up swirling in a maelstrom of overwhelm.

You are working more hours, or making less money than in your previous job; or you are sitting home bored, and wondering where your dream life has gone.

Your family may not recognize you anymore, your dog attacks you as he would a stranger, and relaxing in your pajamas is no longer a choice because you lack the desire to change into your clothes.

In short, your life is a hot mess.

You wonder how you were buffaloed into believing in the possibility of freedom, flexibility, and increased passion in your next phase of life.

Or, you are worried that you will wind up like this . . .

What happened to the life that you set out to create?

A life in which you would have time for yourself, your family, and yes, even a business or job.

Instead you may wind up with this:

  • Rather than escaping from one boss dictating your time and talent, you find that your time is now controlled by others.
  • Rather than working less, you are now on the clock 24/7 trying to get everything done. There is no light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Rather than enjoying the fruits of your labors, you have cut back because it costs more than you projected to run your life.
  • Rather than doing the things that you love, you find yourself spending most of your day doing the things that you hate.
  • Rather than feeling free, your mental health, physical health, your relationships, and your sanity are suffering.

And you still hate Mondays.

And maybe, to top it off, did you endure a health crisis or other personal misfortune that nearly ran your ship aground? Or forced you into an “unwanted” retirement?

If this was your dream, then you can stop reading now.

The bottom-line is that you are or will be tired, frustrated, with a lifestyle sucking the life out of you. The reality is that you will feel like you are in way too deep to find your way out.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s time to design your lifestyle for real this time.

This is about more than buying another “shelf-help” program or taking another online course. Sure, those seem like positive steps and they may propel you forward temporarily, but piecemeal is hardly the solution.

The truth is that even if you are amazingly good at what you do, you may not know the best strategies for transitioning into your new lifestyle. You also may be so mired IN “transition” that it’s hard for you to see a way out, and a fresh approach can do that for you.

It’s time to get your ship together and get real about your life. You can get back on course (or set sail with the proper heading when you leave port) and have the freedom and flexibility you originally set out to achieve. And Ann Babiarz and Associates can help.


  • Having the life that you originally sought!
  • Waking up each day knowing that you will spend time on things that you’re passionate about.
  • Effectively delegating what you don’t like to do to the right people.
  • Having time to take care of yourself.
  • Having time to be with your family.
  • Not having to worry about money all of the time.

And without all the guilt!

What you need is someone to bail you out!

Our concierge service helps people like you! Even if you’ve had a setback due to a health problem, personal misfortune, marriage, divorce, birth of a child, death of a loved one, financial setback, or monetary windfall. Take back your life; or don’t fall overboard in the first place.

Here is your itinerary:

  • Periodic one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Contact and e-mail access between sessions
  • Access to a private client website and Mastermind Group website
  • Post-session summaries
  • Assessments that base our coaching sessions firmly on the science of personal development
  • Access to continuation concierge-level coaching, or laser coaching
  • A real strategic plan! Not typical “life coach platitudes”.

You can see a lot more from the crow’s nest than on the deck.

When you’re caught up in the busyness of your day to day activities it can be hard to see that with the right tweaks you can create the lifestyle — which may or may not include working, a new career or a new business — that you desire.

I know firsthand how you feel. After enduring many years of trial and error as well as some serious wake-up calls — including a major health crisis — to balance my life, I eventually figured out the formula for designing my lifestyle in a way that allows me to have both. To learn more about my story, click: Ann M. Babiarz.

Now I share that formula with my clients, although this is different than the typical cookie-cutter program.

Our five-fold philosophy:

1. Our process: we offer concierge coaching and consulting. (A) we start with one or more assessments. These help identify how our team best fits your needs. (B) We then meet (typically by phone or videoconference) for our first session where we discuss in depth your situation. (C) We utilize our tools to help you design a plan to go from chaos to creation, to understand your “do-over”, or your transition, and to put it into effect. Optimal length of time for this process is three-six months.

2. Our approach: we utilize a team approach to coaching and consulting. Throughout your sessions, both Ann and Michael will offer input and assistance tailored to your particular needs. Moreover, utilizing our concierge approach, there are no fixed number of sessions, nor fixed length to the sessions, and we do not bill by the session or by the hour. There will also be services performed in-between sessions, both by us and by you.

3. Our team: we believe we offer the best credentials in the coaching industry. We are published authors and serial entrepreneurs, and have extensive experience in starting, running and exiting successful businesses. Ann draws upon her 25+ years of experience in financial services. Michael draws upon his 25+ years of experience in legal services. Please note, however, that neither Ann nor Michael offers legal or financial advice and that you will be directed to your legal or financial advisor for any inquiries in the these areas.

4. Our methodology: today’s marketplace changes moment-to-moment. The digital world creates more information in seconds than the average human may learn in a lifetime. The days when a traditional consultant could be called upon to create a one-year or five-year strategic plan may no longer be relevant. One of the true advantages that you have is flexibility and nimbleness. Hiring a consultant to create a plan often results in rehiring the same consultant time and time again as the plan needs changing or complete revision. Instead, our goal is for you to pursue future, relevant inquiry on your own. Perhaps the best analogy is how law students are trained in law school. Schooling in “black letter law” is less important than training the mind to think differently. Similarly, our goal is to help you plan your strategy and equip you to revise or revamp your plans as conditions dictate. Instead of being stuck with a plan that quickly becomes outmoded and no longer worth the paper upon which it is written (or the digital file that contains it), you understand how to adapt with the times, thrive and succeed.

5. Our view: you are unique. Therefore, when you retain our coaching firm, you will find no “cookie-cutter” program. Everything is tailored to your needs, as we draw from our experience and toolkit to assist you.

Our 30-day, no-hassle, money-back guarantee: if during the first 30 days from the date of your agreement to retain us you are not satisfied with our services for any reason, you may cancel and receive a full refund.

Your transition to your best life ever is the most important decision you will make for the rest of your life. Why not have the assistance of a great team to help you craft a plan for your lifestyle, one that will complement the legal and financial plans you have already put into place?

You need this now, not a year from now when you’re burned out and struggling. It’s time to get your ship on course and design your lifestyle for real this time.

About Ann M. Babiarz

I started my first business when I was 12, and boy did I have big dreams! I was going to move out of my house, live on my own terms, and never change out of my pj’s.

And isn’t that the dream every entrepreneur starts with?

What I have found throughout my years as a solopreneur is that there is so much more to having a business than being your own boss. You have multiple bosses and they are called clients. Sometimes changing out of your pj’s is not a choice. And then as your business is moving forward, sometimes life intervenes when you are busy making other plans. For me, life interrupted my entrepreneurial journey in an unexpected and tumultuous way . . .

Burning the midnight oil, prepping for a Nightingale Conant Insider’s Club interview of Joe Vitale, I suddenly found myself unable to speak or read.

A stroke manifested itself by what the doctors referred to as expressive aphasia. Every third word from my lips was gibberish. I couldn’t say my full name, nor the names of most of my family members. The second stroke, barely one week later, affected my eyesight.

I was as baffled as the doctors over my condition, as I had always practiced good nutrition, stress management techniques, and exercised regularly. Fortunately, in between the second stroke and an episode of blood clots in my lungs and legs, the doctors pinpointed the source of these maladies. Unfortunately, it was a cancerous tumor that required immediate, risky surgery.

Fast-forward months later, after successful cancer surgery and chemotherapy, I am completely recovered from the nasty “C” word and its unwelcome friends. Now I had to turn my attention to rebuilding my eight year coaching practice.

While the road ahead was tough, I also looked at this as an opportunity to redesign my business around my life, for real this time. I needed to learn to work smarter, not harder. I needed to become the ruthlessly efficient entrepreneur, to use my time more wisely. I needed to look forward to many years not only of serving clients, but enjoying my family, my friends, and my life.

With over 20 years in the coaching, financial service, and fitness fields; both as an employee and an entrepreneur. I made mistakes, started over, and learned the creative processes and strategies that work. I understand the critical elements needed to create a successful business and a fulfilling life. I’ve spent over 4,000 hours coaching people like you: people wanting to improve their lives. I’ve learned a great deal along the way.

And over the years, I’ve learned that NO transition should require you to sacrifice your quality of life. No matter how bad the chaos, clarity is possible.

Trust me, I’ve made these mistakes and more. It cost me a great deal personally and professionally. Now I have a lifestyle that I love. I am living the dream!

The great news is that you can create this too. The reality is you can wake up each day and be passionate about what you do and who you are.

And although I no longer offer financial advice, I draw upon my experience as an advisor, combining it with my husband Michael’s 25+ years’ experience as an attorney to help clients craft strategic plans for a successful and exciting lifestyle.

You know a bit about my street cred, but what about the formal stuff? My past and current credentials include:

  • PCC (Professional Certified Coach)-International Coach Federation
  • Nightingale Conant Personal Success Coach & Mentor
  • Brian Tracy International Personal Success Coach & Mentor
  • Transition Magician/Blonde with the Wand-Host of Life Outside the Box (5+ year radio show) on 98.3FM from 2007-2012 & 2015-present
  • 2007-2010 Board of Directors of the Chicago Chapter of The International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • CEC (Certified Empowerment Coach)-Institute of Professional Empowerment Coaching (iPEC)
  • Master Practitioner-Energy Leadership Index-Institute of Professional Empowerment Coaching (iPEC)
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach-Institute of Professional Empowerment Coaching (iPEC)
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach-Genos International
  • Founding Ambassador-Institute of Professional Empowerment Coaching (iPEC)
  • NASD Securities Licenses 7, 63, 66 (past credentials)
  • American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer (past credentials)
  • B.S. Metaphysics-AIHT

In addition to working with some awesome individuals, I’ve had the opportunity to serve medium and large organizations, such as

  • Aetna/HDMS
  • Barrington Area Council on Aging
  • Brian Tracy International
  • Chicago Coach Federation
  • Institute of Professional Empowerment Coaching (iPEC)
  • Hewitt Associates LLC
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Lake Barrington Shores Community Affairs Commission
  • Nightingale Conant
  • Spa Vargas Wellness
  • The Garlands of Barrington

I understand what works in the corporate world that carries over to the small entrepreneur, or to any individual’s life, and what does not.

I’ve gained a great deal of experience over the years and learned many techniques. I distilled what works and how I can help my clients in the best ways possible.

Let me share my expertise with you…

How can I help you?

Intention without action = failure………

My mission as a coach and consultant is to help my clients re-design their businesses and/or their lives as they transition into their next phase. This can be a fun process, but it takes action!

I utilize my three principles of coaching success:

Blend the metaphysical with the physical — as you can see, I hold a degree in metaphysics, but I also held securities licenses and spent many years in the financial services industry. I am well acquainted with the physical and the spiritual anatomies of life as well as the keys to finding the delicate balance of each for my clients. In addition, I use a number of assessment tools that build our coaching firmly on a foundation of the science of personal development.
Design success, on your terms — it’s time to design your life for real this time, and in alignment with your goals.
Create and implement your plan — designing your ideal lifestyle may seem like an impossible dream, but it isn’t. However, it will take work (but not without some fun)! This isn’t simple platitudes. Together we will create an action plan with goals and milestones for you to celebrate along the way.
Are you ready to take your next step?

If you are ready to take back your life, I would love to connect with you! Please peruse my website and reach out to me! Let’s work together.

I look forward to meeting you!

Note: For more information about my partner and husband Michael, please click: Michael A. Babiarz

For more information about coaching, please click: coaching.

Finally, some personal stuff: I live in Naples, Florida, with my phenomenal husband, Michael, and rescued greyhounds, Carl and Willy. I have one awesome daughter, Britanni, an adorable grand daughter, Shaylynn, and a wonderful son-in-law, Dustin.

About Michael A. Babiarz

Michael is a serial entrepreneur. In addition, he has spent the last 25 years assisting others in business formation and development, as well as estate planning and administration, senior and retiree issues, and real estate. His education and experience carried into the classroom, with hands-on experience in curriculum design, teaching and presentations in college, continuing education, and professional seminar environments. He is acknowledged for his capacity to inspire, achieve consensus, mediate, and teach and coach individuals of diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. Michael is known for having an innovative, participatory style, tailoring a variety of modalities to energize and maximize learning, and help his participants achieve outstanding results. He is a poised, entertaining and influential speaker, presenter of ideas, leader and coach. He is a prolific freelance writer, and professional jazz musician. In 2013, he retired from the practice of law to devote his energies to his passion — helping soon-to-be retirees, people in transition and small entrepreneurs succeed wildly.

Although he no longer offers legal advice, he draws upon his experience as an attorney, combining it with his wife Ann’s 25+ years’ experience in financial services, to help clients craft strategic plans for a successful and exciting lifestyle.


  • EXPERT RATING, Global Certificate, Life Coach Certification, 2013
  • THE JOHN MARSHALL LAW SCHOOL, Chicago Illinois, Juris Doctor, with High Distinction, 1988
  • Staff Editor, The John Marshall Law Review
  • Dean’s Scholarship; John N. Jewett Scholarship
  • American Law Book Company Prize for Scholarly Attainment
  • Elected to the Order of John Marshall
  • NATIONAL LOUIS UNIVERSITY, Evanston, IL, Bachelor of Arts, Applied Behavioral Sciences, 1985 (GPA 3.88)

Attorney at Law, Licensed in Illinois (retired status)


Law Offices of Michael A. Babiarz Palatine, IL, Attorney at Law / Principal (retired status, 5/2013) 1989-2013

Practice concentrated in estate planning, living trusts, wills, estate & trust administration, elder law, business development & consultation.

Popular presenter and instructor at professional meetings, Bar groups, local senior centers, and area professional schools.
Adjunct Professor 2008-2011

William Rainey Harper College/Paralegal Studies Program Palatine, IL

Instruct students from a wide range of ages and backgrounds in a “smart” classroom setting (with accessible integrated PCs, overheads, etc.) for American Bar Association-accredited program. Use Blackboard software for on-line support of classes.

Develop lesson plans, adapting own materials (including Asset Protection Planning for Seniors) to supplement the text. Employ variety of teaching methods as appropriate (e.g., lecture, discussion, collaborative projects, mentoring, Socratic method, free-writing, multimedia), sometimes changing every 20 to 40 minutes throughout class session to promote a lively, holistic, challenging environment.
Selected as participant in Harper program to increase enrollment for special classes.
Student ratings from classes were almost unanimously “Very High.”
Instructor 2004-2011

High School District 211/Continuing Education Program Palatine, IL

Developed and teach Estate Planning, Estate Preservation, and Elder Law courses to adult continuing education.

Accountable for textbook review and selection of instructional resources, working with suppliers and vendors.
Developed Elder Law curriculum.
Coach/Consultant 2006 -present

Ann Babiarz & Associates, LLC Barrington, IL/Naples, FL

Design & Deliver group presentations
One-on-One trainer/consultant/strategic planner for solo & micro-entrepreneurs and those retiring from their primary career or business

Illinois Supreme Court Ottawa & Springfield, IL, Law Clerk 1988-1989

Appointed as judicial clerk to assist the Honorable Justice Howard C. Ryan in research and drafting of Court’s opinions.

Participant in opinion on In Re Longeway (Illinois “right to die” involving termination of life support).


  • Asset Protection Planning for Chaotic Times, Michael A. Babiarz Publication TBA Spring, 2016
    Free Agent (Making the Decision to Blaze Your Own Trail), Michael A. Babiarz, Amazon. com 2015
    Flashes of Light (How to reboot your life, business or both when chaos strikes!), Michael A. Babiarz & Ann M. Babiarz, Amazon.com 2015
  • Asset Protection Planning for Seniors, Michael A. Babiarz, J.D., Harbor House Press, 1998. Updated and self-published 2006 (www.assetprotectionforseniors.com)
  • The Graveyard Gamble, Michael A. Babiarz & Ann M. Babiarz, 2008 (www.graveyardgambit.com)
  • The Graveyard Gambit, Michael A. Babiarz & Ann M. Babiarz, 2006 (www.graveyardgambit.com)
  • 30+ articles published in IAFP Chapter News, The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, The John Marshall Law Review, The Briefcase, The ABA Elder Law Committee Update, The Chicago Suburban Times Newspapers, and other bar journals, senior citizen publications, and professional periodicals. Topics include:
  • Problems of Joint Accounts with Someone Other Than Your Spouse
  • Seniors & Professionals
  • Illinois Statutory Tenancy by the Entirety
  • An Introduction to Elder Law
  • Highlights of Medicaid & Tax Law Changes Made During 1993
  • Medicaid Gifting After OBRA ‘93
  • Proposed Amendments to the Medicaid System
  • The Financial Planner as Advisor to the Trustee
  • Guarantor Provisions in Nursing Home Contracts
  • What is Probate?
  • Problems of Joint Tenancies with a Non Spouse
  • Using the $125,000 Exclusion
  • Choosing Illinois’ Judges: Election is Merit Selection
  • Planning for Incapacity: Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Protecting the Assets of the Elderly in Nursing Homes
  • How Lawyers Can Avoid Discipline Under Rule 7-110(a)
  • Lack of Review of Veterans’ Disability Claims: Is the Proposed Veterans’ Administration Adjudication Procedure & Judicial Review Act the Answer?


American Bar Association

  • Chairman, Committee on Elder Law (1995-1996)
  • Chair, Panel Presentation, Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL (August 1996)
  • Chair, Panel Presentation, Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL (August 1995)
  • Chair, Panel Presentation, Annual Meeting, San Francisco CA (August 1992)
  • Invited Speaker, Arkansas Bar Association (October 1993)
  • Chair, Panel Presentation, Midyear Meeting, Dallas, TX (August 1992)
  • Invited Speaker, Elder Law, Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA (February 1992)

Palatine Township Senior Citizens Council, 1991-2006

  • Chairman, Board of Directors (2003-2004), Board Secretary, First Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair
  • Chairman/Coordinator, “The Generations Concert”, fundraiser for 2005 endowment fund
  • Planned Giving Committee (2003-2004)
  • Gala Committee, (2003)
  • Chair, Bylaws Committee (1991-2003)
  • Participant, interdisciplinary programs with local elementary school district
  • Instrumental in purchase of building, from research to fundraising to school board presentation. Collaborated with local park district.
  • Frequent speaker & presenter

Illinois Capital Resource Center

Panel attorney and pro bono attorney, post-conviction capital cases

Community Activities:

  • Planned Gifts Committee, Northwest Community Hospital Foundation, 2006
  • Elk Grove Village Senior Center, pro bono legal services & quarterly presentations (January, March, June, September), 1991-2011
  • Frequent speaker, Barrington Area Coalition on Aging (BACOA)
  • Frequent guest speaker before senior, health care, and church groups.
  • Frequent presenter, Elder Law programs, offered by retirement communities, nursing homes, senior citizens groups.
  • Elected to Palatine Park District Honor Roll, February 2007
  • Honored as Outstanding Volunteer, Palatine Park District, February 2007

Professional Jazz Musician Naples- Ft. Myers, Florida/Barrington, IL