Dare to Dream

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YOU ARE DREAMING (and it’s good) 🙂
It’s time to dream! Make up a “dream list.” Write down every single word or description that you can think of to visualize your life five years from today. “Begin with the end in mind” as Stephen Covey would say. Use “back from the future” thinking. Project forward five years and see that you have already achieved your goal. Then look back to the present and think of the steps that you would take from today forward to get where you want to be in five years.

You may be thinking that this is a bit trite. But allowing yourself to dream and plan as though you had no limitations is the mark of the excellent thinker. Decide what you really want before you allow limitations or obstacles to hold you back. Be stunningly clear about what you want five years from today. The remaining question is, “How?”
How will you get there? How will you achieve your goals? How will you solve your problems? How will you remove your roadblocks and obstacles? How will you raise the necessary funds and get the cooperation of other people? How will you invest in the right stocks and have consistent profitability? The more you ask the question “How?” the more creative you will become in developing the answers. First start with your dream list. You will answer the “how” later.
You can’t make your dream happen
if you don’t have a dream!
Walt Disney

Step 1

Actions & Environment
Envision the life you would like to live. Ask yourself, “What does my life look like in twelve months time, two years and five years?” in the following areas (please use the following pages to write your list):
Health and Well-being

Business, Career or Retirement
Fun & Recreation
Personal Growth-Spirituality / Community
Living & Working Space
Time Management

What themes did you notice, if any, when you created your dream list? How many of the things that are on that list are showing up in your life right now? How close are you to realizing the dreams on your list? How close is the life you have now to the life of your dreams?