Luck, Skills, Smart Work & Your Success


Here are seven principles to follow for continued success in your life:

  • Clarity is absolutely essential to achieving your goals. The more clarity you have, the more rapidly you will achieve your goals. People with clear, written strategic plans, based on clear values and mission statements, with careful thought given to specialization, differentiation, segmentation, commitment and positioning, accomplish vastly more than average people who are unclear or unsure about these basic questions.
  • Responsibility is derived from being the president of You, LLC. As the president of YOU, Inc. and the buck stops there. When you accept complete responsibility for your life, you gain control over your future. This includes every element of your life! You are completely in charge of every aspect of your life. Everything you do or fail to do is up to you. By taking responsibility, you stay out of the victim mentality (Level 1) of making excuses or blaming others. Stay out of the conflict mentality (Level 2) by refusing to complain and criticize. Your mantra should be, “If it is to be, it is up to me!”
  • Learning is continuous. Seven in ten Americans have read a book in the past year. You should be reading at least one hour per day, attending courses and seminars and listening to audio programs on a continuous basis.
  • Relationships, a critical key to success. Every part of your personal and professional success relies upon the quality of relationships in your life. Your relationships can be the source of life’s greatest joys, or, if managed poorly, life’s greatest sorrows. The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. If you don’t love and respect yourself, you can’t effectively do so for anyone else.
  • Creativity is unlimited! With use, your mind grows more powerful (like a muscle). By applying your mind, you can solve any problem, overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal. You are a potential genius.
  • Time is precious. It is your most valuable resource. Invest it wisely! When you have clearly identified values and goals, it becomes easy to manage and allocate your time.

Success is inevitable! Work your strategic plan every day by asking yourself, “Is what I am doing the most pertinent thing to lead me to my goals?” If the answer is NO, then move onto an activity that will lead you one step closer to your goals