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We hope this finds every one of you enjoying a wonderful holiday season.

2017 was quite a year for us. We experienced some magic, some tragic and a lot of the in-between.



We wish you a life-time subscription of love, great health, abundant blessings, prosperity, faith & fun-filled days in 2018 and beyond.

seahorses celebrate Christmas

Got Risk?


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One More Way that Size Matters

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Believe It or NOT!

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Believe it or NOT!  

Limiting beliefs are general beliefs about the world, your environment and situation, and the people around you that you perceive as  standing in your way.   Newsflash! These beliefs will hold you back from success. Why and how so?  Simply because if you do not believe something is possible, you are not likely to attempt it or if you do attempt it, you won’t devote much energy to achieving it.

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Can You get an Upgrade?

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It’s Not Worth My Time….or is It?

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Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.Benjamin Franklin, ‘Poor Richard’s Almanack,’ June 1746

How do you view your time?

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Like it or NOT?

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How much are you enjoying your life?  Do you sometimes feel that you’re stuck in a bit of a rut?

Here is a great beginning exercise for determining whether you need to make some changes:

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It’s About Time

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It’s About Time!

“Hey Hal, I forgot my lunch, so I am going to take $10 out of your wallet so that I can go eat,” commented Sean, a coworker, as he grabbed the cash and dashed off to lunch.

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Luck, Skills, Smart Work & Your Success


Here are seven principles to follow for continued success in your life:

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Natural Disasters, Other Calamities and YOU

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(By Michael Babiarz) (Note the part about the hurricane, we did as he said we would)

A toaster oven seems like an innocuous appliance. Perhaps more popular 20 years or so ago than today, I was surprised to find a decent selection of them at my local, big-box, discount department store. With the proliferation of microwavable products and cheap zappers In which to cook them, the old-fashioned toaster oven is pretty anachronistic. True, you can brown your English muffin in it, but it likely will take twice as long as a pop-up toaster. Besides, with all that processed, white flour, an English muffin isn’t good for you anyway. Shame on you for thinking of such a bad breakfast. Now go have scrambled eggs (organic, cage-free and Omega-3 enriched please) and some fruit.

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Post-Irmacane Update

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Thank you to everyone who inquired about the interactions that Michael and I had with Naples’ unwelcome guest, Irma.
We were in a mandatory evacuation zone, due to our proximity to the Gulf and fears of storm surge, so we headed to Gulfport, Mississippi. Ironically, this community is where Hurricane Katrina came ashore several years ago.   It still bears the scars.
Irma made its second US landfall on Marco Island, several miles to our south. Thereafter, the eye actually passed over our neighborhood, so we feared the worst.
We made it back home yesterday.  Some areas of Collier County have serious damage, flooding and habitability concerns.  But our property, like virtually all in our neighborhood, is essentially unscathed. Minor damage, screens missing, a few dings and bumps, a few missing roof tiles and soffitt damage, along with massive vegetation issues (downed trees, bushes uprooted, etc.) seem to be the biggest effects. The major lingering issues are water safety – due to nearly 200 water line breaks, all of Collier County is under a boil water notification – and sewage. Because power is still off to some of the lift stations, all residents must be cautious about overtaxing the sewers, as they are backing up; so no clothes washer or dishwasher use, very quick showers, flush only when absolutely necessary.    Many stores and businesses are recovering slowly, and thus groceries and gas are tight.  Still, our problems are inconveniences compared to some of the images we see from other local residents, across the Florida Keys and further out into the islands.
Thanks to all who expressed their concerns.