There is much happening in my world. As you might have gathered from the subject line, I have been quite busy. However, despite evacuating Florida last week and Hurricane Irma making landfall in Southwest Florida very close to my home (Thank you God for my abode being intact), my business is still running, for which I am giving myself a proverbial pat on the back. As I write this, my neighborhood has no potable water, insufficient sewage, no power, spotty cell service, limited gasoline and food supplies and debris strewn about.  Paradise will return to Naples soon!  Irmaggedon will not keep us down!

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The Marriage of Art & Money

The Marriage of Art and Money

I had the pleasure of interviewing Yuri Cataldo for my broadcast radio show, “Life Outside the Box.” Yuri is a fascinating individual. A creative soul who early on in his college career spurned a life in engineering for one in the arts, he has a unique talent to help artists and musicians couple their creative juices with entrepreneurial or career pursuits. Yuri is currently working with Emerson College towards implementing a curriculum that helps creative individuals marry art with business.

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Where can you get a third mind?

Ten Reasons to Join a Mastermind Group

Mastermind groups were touted by Napoleon Hill as a key to success. Hill, long thought of as one of the founding fathers of the field of personal development, believed in regular meetings with a group of 2 or more committed individuals who shared a common goal of success. He formalized this idea in the 1920s and 1930s. He said, “a mastermind is the coordination of knowledge and effort in the spirit of harmony between 2 or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

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Know Your NO

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Know Your No

Do you know that if you don’t learn to say “no” appropriately, you can wind up being a sycophant to everyone and everything? Moreover, where do you wind up?

  • You are stuck in the bad marriage;
  • You are trapped in the bad job;
  • You are wearing bad clothing;
  • You are traveling to bad places;
  • You have bad friends; and
  • You simply make bad choices.

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The Importance of Palindromes

Have you ever wondered what a palindrome is?

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Five Steps to Regain Your Sanity and Take Back Your Business and Your Life

Deposit Photos

Deposit Photos

Most small entrepreneurs create a business because they either have an idea that they believe is profitable, or a technical skill at which they are very good and for which they wish to be more handsomely rewarded. But the typical entrepreneur winds up performing a wide variety of tasks, some of which he had never done before. Inevitably, there will be tasks that the small business owner finds himself doing that he either does poorly, or loathingly. In either case, these chores take far longer than need be. If these assignments were completed by one either skilled at the undertaking, or at least interested in it, the time required would diminish substantially.

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Five Ways to Tell if You are Charging the Right Amount for Your Services

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As a service entrepreneur, you need to determine the correct fees to charge your clients. This calculation is trickier than it may appear. Although to be successful, you must look to ways to leverage time, minutes and hours often remain as the most significant component of your “inventory.” And unlike the local hardware store that can simply order more faucet washers when supplies run low, there is only so much time you can sell. Therefore, maximizing revenue from that time, achieved by matching rates to a desired number of clients, is key. Here are five ways to help determine the right amount to charge for your services.

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The 5 “E’s” of Engaging with Your Ideal Customers

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One of the keys to success for any business is attracting and retaining the right mix of clients or customers. Conversely, one of the keys for the consumer or business that wishes to transact business is to ensure that the right firm is engaged to provide the product or service desired. In simple terms, the “fit” must fit. [Read more…]

Wrap Yourself Around Your Product or Service and Watch Your Business Succeed

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As a small entrepreneur, you can sometimes be overwhelmed by the amount of competition in the marketplace. How do you make yourself and your company stand out? This is especially problematic if what you are selling is a fairly common product or service. Experts tell us that when people purchase from smaller businesses, they do so because of the brand. What exactly does this translate to? In the case of a small entrepreneur, the brand is you.

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Free Writing — no strings attached!

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Need a blog post written? How about an article? A free report you intend to give away to potential clients? A smashing love letter to your best girl or boy?

E-mail us your proposed title and a brief description. If you are one of the first three responses to this offer, we will contact you and create your written piece for you — absolutely free of charge!

Here’s the fine print of this offer:

The written content is limited to 1200 words in length. Sorry, we are not writing a book for you!

Content is limited to non-fiction. And no erotica please! (Isn’t erotica all fiction anyway 🙂

You must be 18 years of age or older.

Your submission or your desired written piece cannot infringe upon or encourage the infringement of any third-party rights, including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights, or participation in any unlawful activity.

You will own all of the rights to the piece that we create for you.

Don’t ask us to write something for you if it would violate any applicable federal, state or local laws, rules or regulations.

This offer is limited to the first three responses only! After we receive three responses, or midnight, July 24, 2015, which ever comes first, this offer is withdrawn.

And it’s free — no strings attached — no purchase required.