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Ann Babiarz & Associates, LLC Finance & Investing Mastermind Group

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  • Are you frustrated with investing on your own and getting no results?
  • Do you subscribe to a plethora of newsletters or Facebook pages for investing tips only to become more overwhelmed and confused
  • Have you lost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the market?
  • Do you search endlessly for the right web site or the right article with the magic strategy to higher returns?
  • Have you stayed in cash because you don’t know where to start?

Or, you are worried that you might wind up like this because your investment accounts are a hot mess.

What happened to the life that you set out to create? A life in which you would have financial abundance, time for yourself, your family and friends.

Instead you may wind up with this:

  • Rather than escaping from one boss dictating your time and talent, you find that your time is now controlled by the endless quest of finding your next winning investment.
  • Rather than working less, you are now on the clock 24/7 trying to manage your financial research.
  • There is no light at the end of the tunnel because you do not have a streamlined trading strategy and you are chasing endless opportunities that seem to go nowhere.
  • Instead of reaping glorious financial gains you are recognizing devastating financial losses.
  • Your bill for subscriptions is higher than any gains you have achieved.
  • You have limited or no interaction with people who are interested in trading and investing.
  • Rather than enjoying the fruits of your labors, you have to cut back because it costs more than you projected to run your life in light of your losses.
  • Rather than doing the things that you love, you find yourself spending most of your day doing the things that you hate because you don’t have the funds to hire others.
  • Rather than feeling free, your mental health, physical health, your relationships, and your sanity are suffering.
    And you still hate Mondays.

The bottom-line is that you are tired, frustrated, with a lifestyle that is sucking the life out of you. The reality is that you will feel like you are in way too deep to find your way out.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time to design your investment strategy for real this time.

This is about more than buying another “shelf-help” program or taking another online course. Sure, those seem like positive steps and they may propel you forward temporarily, but piecemeal is hardly the solution.

It’s time to get your ship together and get real about your investing. You can get back on course, set sail towards financial freedom and have the flexibility you originally set out to achieve.  And Ann Babiarz and Associates can help.


  • Creating and engaging in the habits that will lead you to financial success.
  • Waking up each day knowing that you will spend time on things that you’re passionate about, like trading & investing!
  • Creating your own effective strategy to build your financial foundation, tailored to you!
  • Effectively delegating what you don’t like to do to the right people!
  • Having time to take care of yourself!
  • Having time to be with your family!
  • Not having to worry about money all of the time!

What you need is a mastermind group to bail you out!

Our mastermind group helps people like you. If you want to create a solid financial foundation, even if you’ve had a setback due to a health problem, personal misfortune, marriage, divorce, birth of a child, death of a loved one, financial setback, or monetary windfall. Take back your life; or don’t fall overboard in the first place.

Here is your itinerary:

  • First you need to apply to join our closed Facebook group and group chat with investors/traders that help empower one another to stay focused on the goal of financial freedom.
  • Then if we both agree you should come aboard, you will receive:
  • At least 18 investment suggestions per week, both short and long, generated by our group.
  • VSB’s (Very Strong Buys) at least 2 per month.
  • Tools and resources for investment research
  • An individual account on the Ann Babiarz & Associates, LLC private client website with access to tools and resources ONLY available to clients of Ann Babiarz & Associates, LLC
  • Contact and e-mail access in between periodic conference calls.
  • Discounts on personal one-on-one coaching

You can see a lot more from the crow’s nest than on the deck.

When you’re caught up in the busyness of your day-to-day activities it can be hard to see that with the right tweaks you can create the lifestyle — which may or may not include working or managing your finances — that you desire.

Welcome to the Ann Babiarz & Associates, LLC Finance and Trading Mastermind Group!  A MasterMind group is a powerful way to learn and grow as a person in a community of like-minded individuals. Let’s face it,  Learning to achieve financial success can at times be intimidating, confusing and down right scary. Often times when someone feels one of these emotions about anything they simply give up. We don’t want that to be you and that is why we created the Ann Babiarz & Associates, LLC Finance and Trading Mastermind Group.  This group is facilitated by Ann Babiarz, PCC, CPC, CEIC, ELI-MP and comprised of people that span the globe  helping one another gain confidence and move forward in the market and in their lives.

Our 15-day trial allow you to try out the group before committing for one year.  No credit card required, but you must apply.

Join now and become part of this great group of investors.  You will be glad you did!


Still on the fence about applying?  Here is an article that may inspire you!

Ten Reasons to Join a Mastermind Group
Mastermind groups were touted by Napoleon Hill as a key to success. Hill, long thought of as one of the founding fathers of the field of personal development, believed in regular meetings with a group of 2 or more committed individuals who shared a common goal of success. He formalized this idea in the 1920s and 1930s. He said, “a mastermind is the coordination of knowledge and effort in the spirit of harmony between 2 or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

Napoleon Hill did not develop this idea on his own. He learned about it from Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie amassed one of the largest net worths in history (in today’s dollars it would be about $310 billion, compared with Bill Gates’ net worth of $79 billion) by creating of the most famous business mastermind groups in the steel industry in 1899. Carnegie stated: “Well, if you want to know how I got my money, I will refer you to these men here on my staff. They got it for me. We have here in this business a mastermind. It is not my mind, it is not the mind of any other man on my staff, but the sum total of all these minds that I have gathered around me, that constitute a mastermind in the steel business.”

Today, with the advent of a plethora of technological tools at our disposal, mastermind groups can be personal, virtual, or both. Regardless of format, mastermind groups have not lost their appeal nor their effect. And although there are numerous reasons to join one of these communities, here are ten that immediately come to mind:

  • The Power of the Third Mind: People coming together in the spirit of harmony, with a definite purpose in mind, and adding together their brain power is what Napoleon Hill calls the power of the third mind. And the way he said it was “no two minds ever come together without creating a third, invisible, intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.” It’s synergistic and more powerful than normal math. 1 + 1 doesn’t equal 2. It equals 3, 4, 5, or more. Mastermind groups allow you to expand your skills. Drawing not only upon the experience and knowledge of others in your group, but also oftentimes upon talents within you of which you may not even be aware, you may learn new techniques or polish old ones.
  • Creativity: These collaborations encourage creativity, new ideas and may unleash the Muse in you. A well-functioning group will temper realistic expectations with non-judgmental approaches to thinking outside of the box.
  • Clarity: Multi-tasking and the rapid shifting of attention is not always a good thing. Sometimes, to succeed in life and in business you need to learn how to concentrate and hone in on specific objectives, goals, problems or ideas. Moreover, not only will a mastermind group teach you to focus on the task at hand, it can help you determine whether you are clear on your direction you won’t drift off course. In addition, group members will share different points of view. They will ask questions and offer different perspectives with you that may help you gain the clarity you need to move forward with your ideas.
  • Blind-Side Avoidance: We all have blind spots. Sometimes, unless someone points a blind spot out to us or we get burned by it, we don’t even realize we have it (hence the term blind-spot). The group can be your blind-spot patrol, alerting you to potential pitfalls to help you avoid disaster.
  • Brainstorming: They are forums for brainstorming. Perhaps it goes without saying, but a mastermind group can be an example of a brainstorming session at its best. You can get unstuck because you have the creation and innovation of the third mind. You begin, the lights come on, and you don’t simply move forward in little steps. You move forward in huge leaps.
  • Focus Group: They can act as a cheap yet effective focus group. Have you ever conducted or participated in one of these? Oftentimes a dog-and-pony show with refreshments, snacks, sometimes even payments to participants, the focus group may be informally replaced with your mastermind participants in certain situations.
  • Honest Feedback: They are great for challenging your ideas and make a great sounding board for you. In an atmosphere of mutual respect, yet with direct interaction, members of your group can be excellent for telling you what they believe, rather than acting as a bunch of sycophants. You are surrounded by folks who are committed to moving forward and who have their own experiences to draw from to help you.
  • Relationships: They are terrific places to make new like-minded acquaintances and friends. Sometimes relationships forged in a mastermind group outlive the community itself.
  • Collaboration: They are sources to find potential business partners and joint venture participants. You might find a kindred spirit or a congruent one. Fellow members can also review your work and possibly provide referrals for you.
    Accountability & Support: A mastermind group led by a trained and proficient facilitator is like coaching on steroids. What would be possible if the people around you refused to let you fail? What happens with a mastermind group is that you get a better plan to be your best you, and you get better results.
  • Greater Levels of Success: What Napoleon Hill found many decades ago is still true today. For all of the above reasons, you can’t help but move towards higher levels of success!