Natural Disasters, Other Calamities and YOU

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(By Michael Babiarz) (Note the part about the hurricane, we did as he said we would)

A toaster oven seems like an innocuous appliance. Perhaps more popular 20 years or so ago than today, I was surprised to find a decent selection of them at my local, big-box, discount department store. With the proliferation of microwavable products and cheap zappers In which to cook them, the old-fashioned toaster oven is pretty anachronistic. True, you can brown your English muffin in it, but it likely will take twice as long as a pop-up toaster. Besides, with all that processed, white flour, an English muffin isn’t good for you anyway. Shame on you for thinking of such a bad breakfast. Now go have scrambled eggs (organic, cage-free and Omega-3 enriched please) and some fruit.

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This is a chapter from CHAOS- The Manual Protect Yourself and Your ASSETS from Chaos by Michael A. Babiarz, JD & Ann M. Babiarz.

Tis always the season for CHAOS.  Here are a few tips and pointers for you if it happens strike you.


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3 Ways to Deal with Chaos

Horror movies have always been a Hollywood staple. Sometimes, the film maker intends to truly shock and horrify us, like in Silence of the Lambs.* Sometimes, the picture is a campy takeoff of a horror film, such as Sharknado.** And then there are films that were purportedly serious, but wind up unintentionally humorous. Plan 9 from Outer Space, anyone? *** [Read more…]

Send lawyers, guns and money*

[Guest post by Michael A. Babiarz, J.D.**]

When might it make sense to play offense, choosing to take action against who or what caused your chaos? Should you be a plaintiff in a lawsuit? Does it make sense for you to recoup financial losses that are inflicted upon you by another’s actions?

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Authenticity is the New/Old Black*

No matter how you slice it, authenticity is key. One of the tenents to being successful in business, indeed in life, is to be someone that people know, like and trust. You must be yourself in all situations. In this way, everyone wins, because the energy vibration is much higher.

When I became ill, a big fear I had was that I would lose clients of my business. But I chose not to react from that place of fear. [Read more…]