Natural Disasters, Other Calamities and YOU

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(By Michael Babiarz) (Note the part about the hurricane, we did as he said we would)

A toaster oven seems like an innocuous appliance. Perhaps more popular 20 years or so ago than today, I was surprised to find a decent selection of them at my local, big-box, discount department store. With the proliferation of microwavable products and cheap zappers In which to cook them, the old-fashioned toaster oven is pretty anachronistic. True, you can brown your English muffin in it, but it likely will take twice as long as a pop-up toaster. Besides, with all that processed, white flour, an English muffin isn’t good for you anyway. Shame on you for thinking of such a bad breakfast. Now go have scrambled eggs (organic, cage-free and Omega-3 enriched please) and some fruit.

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