Luck, Skills, Smart Work & Your Success


Here are seven principles to follow for continued success in your life:

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Support, resistance, and personal achievement

People who trade securities often look at technical indicators to try to predict the performance of a particular stock. This involves examining charts of the past actions of the issue, looking at the high and low prices at which it traded. Those who study charts can find prices of support and resistance. Support is a price level from which analysts believe the stock will not fall lower. Resistance is the price point that the security may rise to, but will have difficulty exceeding. Sometimes, certain stocks tend to trade within the range created by these two levels, cycling between them with patterns that can be predicted. These are commonly referred to as channeling, wave, oscillating or cycling stocks. [Read more…]

Turn that frown upside down?

We are all familiar with the author who writes the chilling horror story, the musician who pens the brooding, introspective song, or the video whose photographer, rather than an presenting uplifting images, displays for us distressing ones. We need look no further than the typical evening news to see negative situations seemingly all around us. To top it off, most psychologists believe that even for the healthiest, non-pathological individuals, seventy percent of a our internal self-talk is negative. [Read more…]

The three fundamentals of work-life balance

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Many an author has penned an article about work-life balance. Yet, this oft-mysterious foundation remains an elusive goal for most of us. Nonetheless, if you are able to achieve that proper mix between career/business and your spiritual/social/personal side, you will achieve better success in your work and so much more satisfaction in your life. [Read more…]

Get in the Zone

Top athletes recognize the value of sleep, exercise, diet, meditation and other calming practices and mind-body fitness for peak performance. “Getting in the zone” is proven by a number of studies. [Read more…]

5 Tools of Engagement Discernment

One of the keys to success for any business is attracting and retaining the right mix of clients or customers. Conversely, one of the keys for the consumer or business that wishes to transact business is to ensure that the right firm is engaged to provide the product or service desired. In simple terms, the “fit” must fit. [Read more…]

Seven Questions to Ask Before Quitting

Your parents drummed into your head never to do this.

You walked off your job as a paperboy at age 12, and feel guilty to this day.

Your high school athletic coach yelled at you.

You stayed with a girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other/spouse longer than you should have before exiting a toxic relationship.

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Not quitting seems to be bred into us. But is quitting ever a good thing? Is it ever a good idea? [Read more…]

Busyness versus productivity

Many of us, entrepreneur and hired hand alike, add up the excessive hours we work and display them as a quasi-badge of honor. True, employers often demand more than the eight hour day from their employees. Moreover, if you own your own business, you know that there is always something more you can do, more time you can spend.

Yet, do hours worked equate to accomplishment?

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I dug a little bit into recent statistics on productivity, both in the United States, and in various European countries. I found the numbers thought-provoking (okay, I am a bit of a geek). Various tables tell us the number of hours worked by the average worker, and the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, a commonly used productivity metric. When combining these statistics, a fascinating tale is told. [Read more…]

Seven reasons why you can’t shut down your business and get a job — occupational revelational

You’ve had it. You are tired of banging your head against the wall every day trying to make a go of your business. Lately, you have taken to reading online job postings. You start dreaming of regular paychecks being directly deposited into your bank account. Maybe you could actually pay your credit card bill with something other than a cash advance check from another credit card offering. [Read more…]

What are the 10 mutable laws for entrepreneurial success? – Part 10

[This is the last installment in our series on this topic.]

Mutable law #10: Have a set of core principles for your business, and be mindful of when you step away from them.

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Core principles are like the soul of your company. These are the foundational truths by which you perform your work and conduct yourself as an entrepreneur. [Read more…]